Jaime Thompson

The purpose of this entry is to illustrate tool using behavior of the New Caledonian Crow.

Toolmaker by Jaime Thompson This work is an illustration of the New Caledonian Crow employing a rare skill in the animal kingdom: tool use. Generally it is thought that only the great apes use tools to any significant extent, with man the most famous of them, yet research is turning up new creatures with this same exceptional adaptation. New Caledonian Crows have been observed selecting and modifying sticks, usually by stripping off the foliage and unneeded twigs, then probing them into crevices for grubs. They also pass on the knowledge of how to make better and more effective tools to their culture group. The image was created largely with watercolor and colored pencil on 140lb hot press paper, aiming to emphasize the character of the birds and their behavior.
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