Clemson Life Drop

Chuck Edwards

The purpose of this experiment is to physically capture "Time" in an artistic way based on viscoelastic properties of materials.

Clemson Life Drop by Chuck Edwards Clemson Life Drop is based on the longest running experiment in the world, the Pitch Drop Experiment. Over time the rock hard pitch tar will flow as a liquid and create a hanging droplet. As time goes on the droplet forms bigger and stretches downward creating what I call "Flow Art" as it is always moving and changing, yet the concept is intellectually based on science and material properties. The purpose of the Pitch Drop was to determine the liquid viscosity of black pitch tar as it flowed extremely slowly. Link is shown to original experiment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitch_drop_experiment. The current experiment has only formed and dropped 8 drops over since 1927. No one has ever seen a drop fall in its history. The Clemson Life Drop is specially made so that a droplet will be formed in a fraction of the time than the original experiment so waiting 8-10 years to see a droplet is reduced to a years time. This scientific yet artistic approach to the World's Longest Running experiment and undoubtedly created at Clemson University
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