Jennifer Miller

Nesting by Jennifer Miller This image illustrates a nesting practice of hummingbirds that is rarely witnessed, but is a wonder to behold. This work shows both the fragility and adaptability of one of nature’s most delicate creatures by laying out the process of hummingbirds harvesting spider webs to construct their nests. The drawing was created and hand printed using traditional lithography and silkscreen techniques. This is a narrative image specifically referencing natural history illustrations in both style and color palette. This drawing is a time-lapsed image showing the process of a hummingbird harvesting spider webs to create its nest. It uses the webbing as a binding agent in which to camouflage the nest with leaves. This drawing is a lithograph and screen print, referencing both traditional and contemporary printing techniques utilized in illustration as a way to disseminate information. As part of a larger body of thesis work, this drawing reflects my interests in capturing the wonder of the contemporary adaptability of nature’s creatures. My goal is to draw the viewer’s attention to those moments in the outside world that are often overlooked or disregarded due to our desensitization to the nature that surrounds us. Funding Source(s): This work was created using the printing facilities operated by Clemson Universities Department of Art.
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