K-12 Students

South Carolina elementary through high school students are invited to participate in Science as Art! Celebrate the aesthetics of science and the ways in which science and art inform each other. The organizers and sponsors of Science as Art hope that students will be encouraged to present scientific ideas and concepts through artistic expression and to recognize the aesthetic value inherent in images created by science.

Eligible forms for submission:

Check here for complete information on entry formats.

How to Submit an Entry Electronically:

Fill out Entry Form. See important dates for due dates.

Exhibit Information:

All entries will be printed prior to judging at the festival and will be displayed at the “Meet the Artist” reception and electronically in the virtual gallery on the Science as Art website. Students and mentors are welcome and encouraged to attend the festival and the following "Meet the Artist" reception. This event is free and open to the public. Certificates will be awarded to winners in each of the categories in which submissions are received. K-12 student submissions will likely be judged within their own categories, divided by age group. However, this is subject to change depending on the total number of submissions. All other rules and guidelines apply.

Teachers can contact event organizers with questions and comments here.

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