Science as Art is an outreach event to non-scientists, potential scientists, and the science-curious. Through the visual arts, we hope to draw interest to the STEM fields through visually captivating artwork. Entries should be accompanied with a short descriptive text that explains the science behind the art in terms understandable by a non-scientific audience.
Entries can be visual images, electronic media files, or three-dimensional structures (see Categories/Eligibility and Entry Formats for more information). All entries must include a description at the time of submission (maximum 100 words). Entries are judged based on the follow criteria:

Visual Impact. The entry demonstrates exceptional artistic talent and use of the seven artistic fundamentals in design (color, value, line, texture, shape, form and space), plus a command of the principles of design (balance, emphasis, harmony, proportion, variety, gradation, movement and rhythm). The entry is visually stimulating and is based on scientific concepts of research.

Effective Communication. A complete entry is comprised of the artwork and description of the science the artwork is based on. The artwork demonstrates phenomena, principles, concepts and/or research context effectively and clearly. The description communicates clearly to a general audience what science concepts are illustrated and why they are important. The presentation is clear and all of the parts are integrated to make it a dynamic whole.

Innovation. The entry illustrates science concepts uniquely and creatively. It has an individual voice, vitality and energy. It demonstrates originality in scientific research and/or artistic perspective.

Judging Process. Scientists, engineers and artists from the community will be invited to act as a jury to evaluate entries. Judging will occur prior to the Meet the Artist reception.

  • Each judge will assign a numerical score to each entry for each of the three categories: Visual Impact, Effective Communication, and Innovation.
  • The scores from all judges will be added together to determine an entry's final score.
  • Entries are divided competitively by discipline category (see Categories & Eligibile Entries), instead of by entry format (see Entry Formats). The entry with the highest overall score in each category will be awarded first prize.
  • All identifying information will be removed from each entry before judging.
  • The judge's decisions are final.

Categories / Eligible Entries
Entry Formats
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