Big fat glucose on nanoparticles

Meenakshi Ranasinghe

Big fat glucose on nanoparticles  by Meenakshi Ranasinghe This photograph is a hyperspectral dark field image taken using a Cytoviva microscope. A glucose crystal was placed on Ag nanospheres (blue) and a glass rolling pin was rolled over them to apply pressure. This resulted in a protected region of Ag nanospheres closer to the glucose crystal while forming nanodiscs (red) away from the glucose deposit due to deformation. Green and yellow color particles in the boundary region were partially deformed. The different colors are because of differences in light scattering (plasmon resonance) based on different shapes of nanoparticles. This is a simple method to pattern nanoparticles.
Right arrow Halo at 12° North Halo at 12° North by Janeen and Brad Putman Left arrow Bacteria Bacteria by Olga Reukova
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