Antonio Baeza

Promiscuous by Antonio Baeza This photograph shows an adult of Lysmata pederseni, a peppermint shrimp that lives within tubes of sponges throughout the Caribbean sea. Only very recently, and thanks to this photograph, scientists reported that this shrimp is promiscuous in Florida, where corals are vanishing, and sponge are taking over the rapidly degrading reefs. Interestingly, the same species is monogamous in the Central Caribbean, a region featuring healthy reefs with abundant corals and scarce sponges. Whether or not shifts in the social organization of other reef-dwelling organisms are occurring due to contemporary changes in seascapes is a relevant topic that deserves further attention.
Right arrow Bob the Rock Crusher, rolling in the deep Bob the Rock Crusher, rolling in the deep by Charles Wang Left arrow Voucher Voucher by Antonio Baeza
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