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Craig Campbell

Water by Craig Campbell

This map depicts a portion of South Carolina’s river system in the Piedmont region of the state. The solid yellow shapes are Lake Murray (lower right), Lake Greenwood (left), Monticello Reservoir (upper right), Saluda and Reedy Rivers flowing down from the Upstate (upper left), and the Broad River (upper right). The rest of the image is a grid of 30 x 30 meter cells. Each cell contains a value for the straight-line distance from the cell to the nearest body of water. The cells are shaded according to their distance to water, with those adjacent to water being black and those furthest from water being white. The distance-to-water grid was created as one of many inputs to a growth modeling and predicting project performed by the Strom Thurmond Institute, released in February 2008. (See The hypothesis for including distance-to-water as an input was that development would be more likely to occur closer to water. Assuming other factors are equivalent, the land closer to water will develop before land distant from water.

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