Frozen Water

Benjamin Fields

Frozen Water  by Benjamin Fields

Water is the most unique and important substance on Earth. Sustaining life through a system of use and reuse, water circulates in a cycle that supports consumption without depletion. While we are taught that water is essential to physical life on Earth, we often fail to think of water’s importance in a philosophical sense. To demonstrate this point, ask yourself the following question: “When was the last time you considered water as an object of aesthetic beauty?”

In this image, the semi-transparent beauty put forth by water in its solid state of existence is captured. Another beautiful mystery captured by the photograph is how water can exist in two different physical forms (liquid, water) side by side. When water is considered a mere commodity or good, and to be of infinite supply, its beauty and quality cannot be appreciated. It is only when water becomes scarce, polluted, or desperately needed that it is truly appreciated. This photograph aims to bring forth an appreciation for water for its aesthetic qualities, possibly changing our attitudes towards preserving those qualities, not only for health reasons, but for aesthetic reasons as well.

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