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Nano Honey Florets

Ramakrishna Podila, Bevan Elliott and Apparao Rao

Nano Honey Florets  by Ramakrishna Podila, Bevan Elliott and Apparao Rao

Zinc oxide is a wide band gap semi-conducting material with very interesting properties, and is useful for optoelectronics and spintronics. At the nano-level it forms a wide variety of structures: rods, wires, coils, pencils, tripods, tetrapods and flowers. Here, a nano-tripod (50nm diameter) was used to mimic a honey comb lattice. One of the fascinating structures of zinc oxide (a flower) is symbolically caged in its own crystal structure. The picture presents not only the variety and striking morphological differences at the nano-level, but also shows the real crystal structure of zinc oxide in its tripod morphology. It is fascinating from a metaphysical point of view that nature makes symmetry work at the atomic level, indicating something that is beyond human control.

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